Raised in NYC and Texas currently living in Oregon. I am a multi-disciplinary creative with years of experience in graphic design, art/creative direction + creative strategy. I’ve spent most of my time w/ Nike in the Brand Creative group living in a world connecting the dots between sport, art and fashion. After hours were spent running Fisk Gallery in Portland.

Contact:, @michaelspo23

Nike By You

Nike By You is all about customization, a chance for people to create a shoe unique to their own personality, style, and story. NBY is more than just about showing off what’s cooler than cool, it’s about expressing who you are. Maybe that’s keeping it clean with neutrals and basics, or letting all those wild eccentricities fly. No matter what, it's all good and we’re here to show it.

Off White x Nike Track & Field

“ATHLETE IN PROGRESS” Johannesburg, South Africa April 2019 I will be honest, I'm not sure if there was a brief. I was handed two things: Caster Semenya as our athlete and a bunch of Off-White x Nike running product and a month to create a campaign. Caster is someone who is constantly growing, a constant work in progress. Progress isn’t embarrassing. It’s essential.

Off White x Nike Training

My challenge was to see training from a different perspective, less "gym" and more art. This was an opportunity to highlight movement in a visually compelling way to inspire a visceral connection to training. Raw strength displayed using the body as the weight, composed into surreal scenes from sport. Photographer Alessio Bolzoni. Stylist Akeem Smith

Nike NYC Office

The objective was to create an iconic Nike Headquarters in the worlds greatest city; a destination for, and a demonstration of, the pinnacle expression of the brand. Leading design strategy and creative direction for the Nike NYC HQ my focus was rooted in the essence of NYC and Nike, both constantly reinventing itself, both a perpetual contradiction, always an unrelenting drive to exceed expectations and constantly inspire.

Kyrie, The Five

The best ball handler of all time, Kyrie on the court defies tradition, gravity and logic. Kyrie and I had a long conversation talking about him doing the impossible and then we filmed it. So we exaggerated things a bit. The Kyrie 5 is an incredible shoe with an absurd amount of innovation that is subtle.

Nike x MMW Series 003

Champion The Alternate Athlete

Content gathered from a 48 hour training continuum in Aspen Colorado, led by Matthew Williams, Joe Holder and Kirsty Godso  Side by side, layered collages of imagery create surprising juxtapositions in themes where performance meets culture. Shot in Aspen with Fabien Montique, Collaboration with Horse, Neelo Noory and Open Range Crew.


My friend Andrea asked me to design a billboard urging voters in the 2020 election to choose Democrat. The billboard, located in Walla Walla Washington has a heavy Republican base. Even though 52% of the votes in Walla Walla County still went to the Republican party nomination in 2020 the impact the billboard had was substantial considering the massive increase of voting for the Blue team. Copy written by Docs For Dems.

Nike Adapt BB

The theme is Real Imagination. The Nike Adapt BB, a groundbreaking auto-lacing performance shoe is the result of an inventive vision that evolved into reality. It's future technology made for today’s game that imaginatively could help athletes feel and play better. To make a dream come true, details have to be reimagined and put together in real time for the concept to form.

ISPA 2020

Within the built environment, we live in a constant state of evolution. The updates to it — particularly in movement in and around it — force a constant reappraisal of what it means to be human. ISPA is a response to, and solution for, the shifting variance of this change. With change we off solutions, over the top solutions. 

ISPA 20 "zine"

The ISPA zine focused on the 20 season and past collections. Made for Prodism/Nike Comms. In collaboration with Jay Paavonpera, Niek Pulles, Ben Toms, David Benski and Huichen Wu. Text by Nicholas Schonberger.

Nike x NBA

In 2018 Nike became the official uniform maker for the NBA. This launch was a big deal for both companies, but personally it was one of the most meaningful projects I have ever worked on. For years I have created campaigns in basketball that were surreal, metaphorical and sometimes strange. For this campaign I had one objective: serve pure basketball, no frills.

Nike x NBA: Play

I wanted to connect the viewer as close to the game as possible: the floor seat. To see the side of the game where only a few get to sit. Up close is where the physicality and high energy of the game becomes contagious, intense crops and strong sense of space brings energy, grit and tension to the viewer. Photography by Greggory Harris, Styling Paola Lamorticella.

Nike x NBA: Love

It is the love of the game, the iconic moments true to the athletes. The point was to capture the spirit of the game that transcends performance. Seeing our athletes off court, pre-game, in the tunnel, getting mentally prepared. Post game the emotional highs and lows. Photography by Jack Davison, Styling Paola Lamorticella.

Nike x NBA: Live

Life imitates ball, and the culture of the game is at the root of what inspires us all. There is a culture to the game that is beyond the game. Photography by RAYSCORRUPTEDMIND, Durimel Brothers, Styling Simon Rasmussen

City Edition Jersey Docs

Two City Edition jerseys stood out, Minnesota Timberwolves in honor of Prince and the Brooklyn Nets ode to Biggie. We created a series of mini docs, behind the design films and of course some hype videos to set the table. I had the opportunity to collaborate with Out To Lunch, Jonathan Johnson Griffin and Jason Sfetko.

City Edition Jerseys

The Nike NBA City Edition uniforms represent insights and emotion from the court to the upper deck to the cities’ streets. Creative captures each team and its city in a way that respects the past and present of the each team. Designs were made in collaboration with Hort, Jim Golden, Jason Sfetko and iStock Photo.

Nike By You with Macciu. Let Opposite Ideas Co-Exist.

NIKE BY YOU is a platform where consumers can make almost endless choices creating shoes as they want. Every choice leads to endless possibilities. Choices do not go away, they co-exist simultaneously. The creative takes a trip inside Macciu’s mind as she opens up about her ideas of choice, and the contradictions that make her design on the Zoom Type unique. 

Fisk Gallery

In the summer of 2014 Bijan Berahimi and I started an art gallery on Mississippi St. in Portland with no serious business intentions. We wanted to collaborate with friends and artists from all over the world, inviting them to take over our space by creating immersive installations and collaborating with FISK to create limited edition products. It was also a good reason to throw parties with the hope to barley break even. Fisk Gallery had three chapters.

Fisk Gallery: Mississippi

Our first show with was Sean Solomon on Sept 12, 2014. Our last show was on Feb. 20, 2016. We had fun, but we also felt limited with the space and direction. We were exhausted too. Shows with: Sean Solomon, Brian Roettinger, Ana Benaroya, Tim Lahan, Aaron Elvis Jupin, Annu Kilpeläinen, J.L. Coffinwasher, Eike König, Björky, Dark Igloo, Saiman Chow, Sean Solomon and Aaron Jupin.

Fisk Gallery: Echo Park

In the summer of 2017 a couple of Bijan's friends in LA's Echo Park had a space called Bad People and offered it to us to do shows. We would commute form Portland to LA to do shows. Sofie Ramos. Llew Mejia and Annu Kilpeläinen.

Fisk Gallery: MLK

While Fisk Gallery "LA" had Annu Kilpeläinen's show up, Bijan found a space back in Portland that was perfect. It was very important for Fisk to be in a becoming city in the U.S.A. and it was our duty to create culture in unexpected places. The space was divided into two parts: one for Bijan's design practice (Fisk Projects) and the other half was the gallery.

Nike By You VaporMax 2020

Nike By You is a platform where consumers can customize their favorite shoes creating styles and stories personal to them. With at least 50% recycled materials - the VaporMax 2020 is half trash and all your imagination. The flower swoosh is a key graphic in the season - and it is made from 100% recycled poly and it is also the symbol of a brighter future.

Hyper: Warm/Shield

Hyperwarm and Hypershield two winter products built to keep you warm and dry in the most sever conditions. Nike Hypershield was a product line built to stay dry, warm and visible in the most sever weather conditions. We created a simple film highlighting each of the benefits showing our hero running in the most over the top bad weather scenario. 

Kevin Durant, The Ten: Always X Always

For KD, life is simple: (that is the brief!). The game provides. It keeps him grounded, it keeps him humble. It’s more than just buckets; he lives inside the lines, where he sharpens his craft and ultimately, his outlook on life both on and off the court: (the answer to the brief!) Always X Always, 2017. Shot with Tyrone Lebon and Rosie Marks. Created with Everett Vangsnes.

Nike Shoe Box

Over three hundred designs edited down to a white swoosh on an orange box. In collaboration with Ray Butts and Mark Parker

Something's Off, Nike, OFF-WHITE c/o Virgil Abloh

This book was a collaboration between many creatives: writers, curators, designers, photographers, friends, and historians all influenced/directed by Virgil. My place in this project was unique: I worked closely with the Zak Group in art direction, Nicholas Schonberger in narrative and Sergiy Barchuk shooting all the protos.

Type Directors Club 21

The Type Directors Club asked Attik to design their twenty-first annual. I got to design a ton of the pages. Lead by Aporva Baxi and Paul Driver.

Pigalle 2020

Pigalle Spring/Summer 2020 product launch, in collaboration with Ill Studio, Thibaut Grevet, Imruh Asha and Stephan Ashpoole.

World Basketball Festival, NYC

World Basketball Festival, NYC (Inaugural). In 2010 Nike put together a four-day celebration of the performance and culture of basketball bringing the world’s best basketball teams and top musical performers to New York City. The event went from MSG to Radio City Music Hall and Rucker Park.

LeBron James Photography: Behind The Scenes

In 2004 LeBron James was at the beginning of his professional career and his partnership with Nike. Off and on over the next fourteen years I had the privilege to direct and photograph LeBron for dozens of advertising campaigns. From the very first shoot with LeBron I was struck by the charisma of an imposing photogenic athlete.

Kevin Durant, The Eleven

Two objectives for the KD11. Focus on KD’s obsession to be the best basketball player and illustrate how bouncy and responsive the innovation is in the 11. KD’s tireless work ethic, and a healthy fear of failure fostered a belief that no one can stop him.

The Strongest, for the LeBron 16

“At the end of the day the African American women is the strongest people in the world. they are not given anything, the odds are stacked up against them.” A quote from LeBron James inspired a poem by Nikky Finey. I shared the poem with Martine Syms. This inspired an opportunity to create a film to acknowledge and champion the power of Black women in the very essence of who they are and how they move through the world. 

LeBron 16, Harlem Fashion Row

The HFR x LeBron 16 Lifestyle shoe was created in partnership with Harlem’s Fashion Row–the game-changing fashion collective. The first ever LeBron signature shoe designed for women by women. For the past decade, Harlem’s Fashion Row has worked to uplift up-and-coming female designers of color. 

LeBron 16, Five Personas

Five shoes, each with their own story, together they create the most complete team ever is a team of five LeBrons: Fresh Bred: fearless ruthless, forceful, relentless. Twenty20 Vision: magical, forecaster, clever. I Promise: mentor, ambitious, impactful. Strive: accountable, tough, tireless. The King: royal, dominant, cerebral.

LeBron 15, Ashes

Quite literally rising from the ashes of LeBron’s burned jersey when he left Cleveland in 2010 and his journey, learnings, and new perspective that leaving gave him to return back to eventually fulfill his promise and rise again to a hero in Cleveland. How do you shoot the best basketball player, with one of the most iconic photographers, a creative force who is top within their field, but also one who pushes art through innovation.

LeBron 15, Innovation

Fifteen of the most iconic shoes with over thirty-five years of innovation that were built into the LeBron 15. Made with Jason Petrie, Melanie Auguste and Korb. 

John Elliott x Nike, Season 2

Going from Zero Dark & stepping out into the light, our protagonist is on a never ending “search” to find what is next, exploring the beauty hidden in LA. the LA that is inspiring to John, the LA that inspires the product. Shot with Jalan and Jibril Durimel and produced by Open Range.

Kevin Durant, Debate This.

It took five games for Kevin Durant and the Warriors to eliminate the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals and Kevin Durant posted one of the most incredible performances in playoff basketball. There was a lot of opinions when Kevin left OKC for Golden State, but his play and one of the greatest postseason runs in playoff history (16-1) put an end to the debate.

LeBron Always Believe

LeBron Championship Print Ad. LeBron and his Cavs teammates did the impossible, winning the 2016 NBA Championship despite being down three games to one. It is a simple message he has always carried in his heart, as a kid from Akron to bringing a title to Cleveland: Always Believe. 

Tech Pack

The initial launch of Nike Tech Pack was presented through the authentic life and sport moments of championship athletes. The objective was simple: shoot each athlete on their terms and on their turf, but it wasn’t a photoshoot as much as just spending time with our athletes, eating lunch, playing golf and me making jokes to loosen everyone up.

Fight Like Hell, Livestrong

The headline impact, Fight Like Hell. The illustrations had to have impact, strength and fight, but a softness not to be too brutal. These were for a big Livestrong event based in NYC in 2011. Collaboration with Rami Niemi

2008 USAB

In 2008 I asked to document the USA Mens basketball team in Las Vegas as they prepared for the Olympic Games in Beijing. The team was nicknamed the "Redeem Team", a play on an alternative name for the legendary 1992 squad that was called the "Dream Team", and a reference to the fact that the United States came away with disappointing Bronze Medals during the 2004 Summer Olympics and the 2006 FIBA World Championship.

Gyakusou 2019

Each season Gyakusou travels to a different major city. In Fall 2019 the location was Berlin, the product is trail running. Visualizing the limits of the Gyakusou runner where the unknown is their solace. We took Eugene Tong, Kameron Casey, Brat Star and Jinbok Lee to surreal locations combining nature and city. Where the streets of Berlin become as perilous as a cliffs edge.